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Northern Yellowhorn

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The yellowhorn hails from northern China and falls somewhere between shrub and small tree in stature. It has a very pretty, compact (15’ height on average) appearance with feathery foliage and lots of flowers in the spring that become seed pods containing what look like tiny chestnuts. The nut is edible, and roughly the size of a pea with a flavour akin to macadamia.

In fact, the yellowhorn is popular amongst permaculturists for its edible flowers and tender new shoots, in addition to its nuts.

Hardiness Zone: 4-8

Pollinator:  Best yields when paired with another yellowhorn for pollination

Mature Size: 15’

Spacing: 15’

Soil: Can tolerate dry conditions and pH of 5.5-8.5

Sun: Tolerates some shade

Flowering: Mid-spring to early summer

Harvest: Fall