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Swamp White Oak

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The large (1 inch) nuts of the swamp ehite oak have a rather sweet flavour. The seeds are dried into a flour to be used in baking or mixing with other grains. 

As the name implied, this tree is found in moist bottom land areas like river banks or the edge of swamps. Perhaps a surprise is that the swamp white oak adapts well and can tolerate compacted soil and drought. 


Hardiness Zone: 4-8

Pollinator: Self-fertile but best yields when paired with another swamp white oak for pollination. Note that many oaks will readily hybridize.

Mature Size: 80’

Spacing: 80’

Soil: Can tolerate dry conditions and pH of 5.5-8.5

Sun: Prefers full sun but tolerates some shade

Flowering: Spring

Harvest: Fall

Latin: Quercus bicolor