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Black Walnut Seedling

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Black walnut trees will produce huge yearly crops of tasty edible nuts that are not the easiest to shell, but well worth the effort. The flavour is sweet, earthy and slightly bitter from the tannins. 

The black walnut is touted as a sound investment with the potential to generate hefty payouts for those willing to wait the 30+ years it takes to reach maturity. A single well-formed specimen can yield $20,000 of timber products since the black walnut is one of the most highly prized trees for producing wood veneer. 

A little known additional walnut product, besides timer and nuts, is syrup. It’s extracted and boiled down just like maple syrup and has a sweet, nutty flavour.

Hardiness Zone: 4-7

Pollinator:  Self-fertile but improved yields with multiple specimens

Mature Size: 100’

Spacing: 30’

Soil: 5.5-7.5 pH

Sun: Full sun

Flowering: Spring

Harvest: Mid-October