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Ready To Thrive Guarantee


We love growing healthy and hearty plants for you and guarantee they will arrive in great shape. If you have issues with your plants in the first 30 days, call or email us and we’ll go through your concerns and give you a one time replacement if necessary. 

We do our best to grow our plants and we ask you to take the same approach when planting and nurturing them. Plants that are not cared for properly or planted outside their hardiness zone will not be covered by the guarantee. 

We ship plants from April till October, with a break in the summer when temperatures are at their peak. This means your deciduous plants will arrive without leaves in the spring. Dormant plants shipped in spring are guaranteed to emerge from dormancy, sometimes this will take longer than 30 days and we will extend the guarantee for these situations. If you order your plants in the late summer or fall, the leaves might be turning and falling off. This is normal and they will thrive come spring. 

We do not cover overwintering damage or damage from animals.