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Prairie Black Walnut Seedling

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These black walnuts are selected from trees thriving in a Manitoba Zone 3 prairie climate. The trees are descendants from those brought up from North Dakota and some of the offspring have even survived in zone 2. 

The trees have a form suited for nut production and although the nuts are small they do have a flavour similar to other black walnuts: sweet, earthy and slightly bitter from the tannins

A little known additional walnut product, besides the nuts, is syrup. It’s extracted and boiled down just like maple syrup and has a sweet, nutty flavour. Enjoy!

Hardiness Zone: 3-6

Pollinator:  Self-fertile but improved yields with multiple specimens

Mature Size: 50’

Spacing: 20’

Soil: 5.5-7.5 pH

Sun: Full sun

Harvest: Late-September

Latin: Juglans nigra