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Aronia 'Galicjanka'

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Galicjanka is a prolific producer of larger than normal berries. Developed in Poland, it’s popular with commercial producers since the berries ripen at the same time and can be harvested easily. 

Aronia is native to northern regions of the world, including Canada. A much-touted “superfruit,” the dark, near-black colour of its tart berries hints at its powerful antioxidant properties. Aronia berries can be eaten fresh but they shine in preserves like jams and jellies. Their flavour also lends itself to delicious wine and tea.

Aronia is a year-round winner with delicate white flowers in spring, deep purple berries in summer and fall, and green foliage that turns to a bright red through the late fall and winter.

Also Known as: chokeberries

Hardiness Zone: 3-8

Pollinator: Self-fertile, but harvests will be dramatically larger with a pair of plants

Mature Size: 3’-6’ x 3’

Spacing: 5’ apart

Soil: 5.8-6.2 pH

Sun: Full sun, tolerant of some shade

Flowering: Spring

Harvest: Late August to Early September

Latin: Aronia melanocarpa